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Change your campus map from this . . .

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. . . to a rich interactive campus map experience

F R O M    C A M P U S B I R D

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YOU control your campus map all within our web-based Map Manager

  • Create unlimited virtual tours
  • Include interior floor plans
  • Enhance with 2D overlays
  • Add video, audio & photos
  • Why CampusBird?

    Take Control of Your Campus Maps with CampusBird

    CampusBird provides mapping and media services for higher education institutions. CampusBird’s team of experienced developers, designers, and professionals work in unison to create an elegant mapping solution for schools and universities.
    Our team has created the most powerful and easy-to-use map management system to display custom media including 3D models, 2D overlay renderings, spherical/streetview imagery, and video for multiple users.
    Many schools including Harvard Business School, Duke University, and Macquarie University utilize the CampusBird Map Manager to manage and share public and private information among Facilities, Marketing, Campus Safety, and Admissions.

    “I love the fact that we can directly modify all the map content with an easy-to-use online system.”

    Stetson UniversityGary Sipe, Director of Web Services

    “We love the usability and reliability of CampusBird’s cloud-hosted mapping system. And the customer support is excellent.”

    Catholic University of AmericaBart Pollock, Web Content Editor

    “CampusBird provides Hope’s audiences with a beautiful drawing of our campus, dedicated features like location-specific media, and plenty of control for our content editors. It’s so much more than a Google Map.”

    Hope CollegeAndrew Meyers, Assistant Director of Admissions

    “I have been really impressed by the level of support provided from project start to finish and beyond.”

    Stetson UniversityGary Sipe, Director of Web Services

    “CampusBird is one of those rare companies where our ongoing business relationship has been just as easy and enjoyable as our initial development process. The quality of their product is matched by the quality of their team.”

    Saint Michael’s CollegeBrian MacDonald, Director of Web Site Development

    “I would definitely recommend CampusBird for anyone looking to take the next step in what Google Maps does not provide for your campus.”

    Stetson UniversityGary Sipe, Director of Web Services

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